Clashes between riot police and anti-capitalist demonstrators at the G20 summit. Hamburg, Germany, 2017.

bhutan buddhism, monks, bhutan monks

 Nyephu Monastery novice monks enjoy the great game. Nyephu, Bhutan, 2012.

haiti earthquake, haiti aid

Women queue for milk rations at the American Refugee Camp for internally displaced persons. Fond Parisien, Haiti, 2010. 

cambodia riots, cambodia police, h&m protest
Riot police beat a man during his arrest after a demonstration between striking garment factory workers and municipal authorities turned deadly in Phnom Penh's Stung Meanchey district. Cambodia, 2013.

Buddhist monk Yorn Chea illuminates the interior of a pagoda before giving a teaching in the Theraveda tradition. Siem Reap, Cambodia, 2008.

barcelona rave, barcelona beach

Party-goers head home after a late night gathering is broken up by local authorities. Barcelona, Spain, 2012.

morocco, chefchaouen morocco
Donkey gate. Chefchaouen, Morocco, 2012.
mental health, psychiatric ward, cambodia mental health, cambodia hospital

A man escorts his wife to the mental health department of Phnom Penh's Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital. The psychiatric wing is the country's only mental health facility. Cambodia, 2013.

haiti earthquake, haiti, notre dam cathedral haiti
Young Haitians make use of an open water source in front of a destroyed National Cathedral in the wake of a catastrophic earthquake. Port-au-Prince, 2010.
malaysia travel, malaysia bus stand
A family waits for a bus in Jeruntut, a sleepy transportation hub in the center of Malaysia, 2009.
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